Phantom Load

Phantom load is the unintentional siphoning of electricity by electronics, even when they are shut off.

Smartphone plugged into a battery charger

Small Devices

Cell phone chargers
Digital picture frames

Person using a laptop

Medium Devices

Large screen televisions

Other Devices

Video game systems
Home theater components


Devices that draw around 20 watts in stand-by mode may add up to a couple of dollars a month to your electric bill1.

Electric meter

Energy Cost

Phantom loads cost the average U.S. household $100 per year1.

Electricity Bill

Phantom loads equate to almost 10% of residential electricity use2.

Products Drawing Power

A typical American home has about 40 products constantly drawing power2.

Person unplugging a power cord from a wall outlet


Unplug chargers, computers, monitors, printers and other devices when not in use.

Person plugging a power cord into a power strip


Use smart strips that control which devices can draw power directly from the strip.

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Replace old products with ENERGY STAR® qualified products that use less standby power.