ODEC Hosts Ride & Drive Event in October

As federal funding opportunities dramatically increase for new electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) is committed to ensuring rural Virginia is not left behind.

Today, more than 4,500 EVs are on the roads in the Greater Richmond Region. If the state’s current EV sales trends continue, that number is likely to increase by 38% next year. To prepare its members for a more electrified transportation sector, ODEC held an invitation-only ‘EV Ride & Drive Summit’ to highlight innovative technologies and discuss electric infrastructure upgrades needed to support the significant growth in future EV sales.

Participants included members from our 11 Distribution Cooperatives and Board Members who all got a chance to drive or ride on the racetrack. Cars that were featured included many Teslas, a Chevy Bolt, Electric Volvo, Electric Mustang and Electric School Bus and Electric Shuttle Bus.

Ride & Drive Event Video