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Our Focus, Our Values

Our Focus

Who We Are

Old Dominion Electric Cooperative is a not-for-profit, wholesale generation and transmission electric cooperative owned by those we serve.

What We Do

We serve our Members in the mid-Atlantic region by providing a reliable, environmentally-balanced power supply at the lowest possible cost by safely generating electricity, employing industry knowledge, optimizing resources (including Demand Response and Energy Efficiency), enhancing financial strength, and mitigating enterprise risk.

Why We Do It

To create value for our Members and partner with them in “keeping the lights on.”

How We Do It

Through effective leadership, we utilize the collective strength of our Members and our Employees. Through stakeholder education, we share the ODEC ownership structure, our purpose and how we operate.

Our Values

We value our Members and their Member-Owners, our Employees, and our Stakeholders, and we pursue continuous learning with a commitment to the values of:


We promote an accident-free, secure and healthy work environment with the goal of eliminating at-risk behaviors and unsafe conditions.


We do the right things by maintaining high ethical standards, focusing on fairness and respect, embracing diversity and never compromising our values.


We accept responsibility for our actions and for the effective use of people’s talents, environmental resources and physical assets.


We are committed to serving our members and their member-owners by providing reliable, environmentally-balanced power supply at the lowest possible cost.

Learn how ODEC minimizes its environmental impact.

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