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Generation and Transmission


ODEC is committed to maintaining a diverse generation portfolio that meets today’s energy demand, while remaining cognizant of a fluctuating energy landscape.  We stay abreast of emerging technologies and consumer conditions so that we can  pro-actively anticipate and meet the needs of our consumer-owners.


To help ensure reliable, low-cost transmission service to our members, ODEC owns approximately 110 miles of 69 kilovolt lines on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in Accomack and Northampton counties. In addition, ODEC also co-owns 1,000 feet of 500 kilovolt transmission line in Maryland.

With these operations, ODEC is committed to meeting all applicable reliability requirements such as the NERC Reliability Standards, meaning we evaluate and pursue the installation of new transmission facilities and the replacement of aged equipment.

Reliability, Planning and NERC Compliance

For the ODEC service area of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, we have over 225 delivery points through four transmission providers: Dominion Energy, Delmarva Power, First Energy and American Electric Power.

We work with these transmission providers and member cooperatives to ensure the most reliable level of service possible, as well as contract transmission service from our transmission providers by way of FERC-approved agreements under the PJM Open Access Transmission Tariff. By coordinating long-term planning activities with PJM and our providers, we can ensure current and future transmission systems will always meet energy needs of ODEC member co-ops.

ODEC is also registered for NERC compliance as a Distribution Provider on behalf of our eleven members through ReliabilityFirst and SERC Corporations. In addition, for ODEC internal NERC compliance, we are registered as a Generation Owner and Generation Operator.

FERC Standards of Conduct and OASIS

ODEC’s transmission facilities are part of the Mid-Atlantic power grid operated by PJM, a regional organization directing the operation of a transmission grid covering the Mid-Atlantic. PJM also is the tariff administrator and service provider for all transmission owners within their control area and provides all transmission service.

Information on the capacity of ODEC’s transmission systems is available at the PJM OASIS Website. Transmission customers should reserve transmission service through the PJM OASIS Website.

ODEC has received a waiver from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Standards of Conduct.

The Chief Compliance Officer is Rick Beam, Senior Vice President for Power Supply. Please contact Rick Beam at 804-968-4009 or if you have any questions about ODEC’s compliance program.

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