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Old Dominion Electric Cooperative (ODEC) aims to provide our member-owners with safe, reliable, sustainable and affordable electricity.

ODEC has entered several long-term purchase power agreements for energy generated by wind, solar, and landfill gas resources.  We have these contracts, rather than owning the projects ourselves, because as a not-for-profit power supply cooperative we are unable to take advantage of tax credits for these kinds of facilities that are available to for-profit entities.  These PPAs help us provide this energy to our members at the lowest possible cost.  We also sell renewable energy credits related to these purchases to our Members and to non-members.



105MW capacity

In 2017, ODEC entered into two long-term power purchase agreements to buy solar power from separate projects owned by Dominion Generation. The Clarke County Solar project is a 10 MW solar power facility in Clarke County, VA located in Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s service territory. The Cherrydale Solar Project is a 20 MW solar power facility in Northampton County on Virginia’s Eastern Shore in A&N Electric Cooperative’s service territory. Both projects began commercial operations in 2017.

In 2018, ODEC entered into a long-term power purchase agreement to buy solar power from the Cabin Point Solar Facility in Sussex County, VA. This project is expected to be a 75 MW solar power facility, with an anticipated commercial operations date in 2022.

In 2019 ODEC and EDF Renewables North America entered a partnership to develop and build a 30 MWac portfolio of distributed solar projects across ODEC member service territories in Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. The projects are intended to bring local solar energy to ODEC member communities while at the same time providing regional and energy diversification to ODEC’s generation portfolio. ODEC will purchase power from the projects at a fixed rate through a power purchase agreement thus providing energy cost surety for its members.

In 2020 ODEC increased its partnership with EDF Renewables to 15 projects that will generate more than 60MWac of solar power.



263MW capacity

For more than a decade, ODEC has been partnering with private developers to add more than 260 MW of wind generation. In 2008, ODEC executed an agreement to buy 50% of the output of AES Corporation’s Armenia Mountain Wind project in Bradford and Tioga counties in north central Pennsylvania. The project began commercial production in December 2009, with the completion of 67 General Electric 1.5 MWs SLE wind turbines that can produce 100.5 MWs.

In 2009, ODEC executed its second wind power agreement to buy the entire output from Criterion Wind Project located in Garrett County, Maryland. The 70 MW project employs 28 Clipper 2.5 MW Liberty turbines and began commercial operations in 2010. ODEC executed a third contract with E.ON’s Stony Creek Wind Farm, which is currently in operation in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. ODEC purchases capacity, energy and renewable energy credits from this 32.5 MW facility.

ODEC’s latest wind contract is with BP Wind Energy’s Mehoopany Wind Farm in Wyoming County in northeastern Pennsylvania. ODEC began buying over 110 MW of capacity, energy, and renewable energy credits from the project after it began commercial operations in January 2013.

Landfill Energy

Landfill Energy

5.90MW capacity

ODEC currently buys the output of a landfill gas-to energy project in Henrico County, Virginia. This project produces electricity by collecting naturally occurring methane, a byproduct of decomposing waste, and burning it to produce power via an electric generator. The Henrico County Project totals approximately six MWs of capacity. Using methane from landfills not only creates electricity from a renewable fuel source, it reduces the net emissions of greenhouse gases from the landfill.