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Powering Virginia, Delaware and Maryland

ODEC owns electric generation facilities with a total capacity of approximately 2,659 megawatts which is used to provide wholesale power to our member-owners in Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland. ODEC also has several long term power purchase agreements for renewable energy totaling 449.25 MW. In addition, we own and maintain approximately 110 miles of electric transmission facilities which are under the operational control of PJM.

ODEC's Transmission System

To help ensure reliable, low cost transmission service to its members, ODEC owns approximately 110 miles of 69 kilovolt (“kV”) overhead transmission lines on the Eastern Shore of Virginia in Accomack County and Northampton County. This transmission system is responsible for providing transmission service from Delmarva Power’s transmission system in Maryland to ODEC’s member, A&N Electric Cooperative (Accomack and Northampton Electric Cooperative) (“ANEC”) in Virginia. The existing structures in this part of the ODEC transmission system were installed in 1983 and have been identified for rebuild based on ODEC’s Planning Criteria.

Project map

Scope of Project

ODEC’s overhead lines along State Route 175 are reaching the end of their operational life and currently create obstacles for take offs and landings at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Wallops Flight Facility. ODEC is planning on eliminating the obstructions that the current overhead poles create for the runway by placing this section of the overhead line underground.

The existing right of way and transmission structures in the area near the airport runway do not currently follow a direct-line path along Virginia State Route 175, but instead veers away from the road into marshland. While this part of the system met all requirements when it was constructed in 1983, it does not meet current requirements. In order to ensure that all requirements are met, ODEC’s Rebuild Project will place the electric power lines underground. ODEC will also construct a new underground duct bank which will parallel Route 175 in the vicinity of Runway 35. To accomplish these upgrades, ODEC will acquire two new 100-foot width right-of-way easements on properties paralleling State Route 175. Specifically, ODEC will acquire a new easement from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the southern portion of the duct bank and a new easement from NASA for the northern section of the duct bank. (See Exhibit: II.A.6, Title Easement Map, Sheets: 1-4).