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Environmental Stewardship

At ODEC, we conduct our business in environmentally sensitive ways. With every operation, we evaluate the potential impact, complying with all federal, state and local laws, regulations and permits designed to protect human life, wildlife habitats and the environment. ODEC promotes cost-effective energy conservation programs, participates in renewable projects, and constantly seeks and evaluates future opportunities.

Clover Power Station

Halifax County, Virginia
One noteworthy example of ODEC environmental stewardship is our Clover Power Station, operated by Dominion Energy since it went online in 1995. Of the $1.2 billion in construction costs for this station, nearly one-third went to advanced pollution controls for its two pulverized-coal units generating 866 megawatts, which decreases dependence on older, less energy-efficient plants.

In addition, Clover’s wastewater treatment systems recycle water for reuse. The station’s cooling towers use the same technology, which result in much less water being withdrawn from the Roanoke River. Its $10 million water reservoir holds 350 million gallons, or a 34-day supply, protecting the Roanoke River when it’s low.

To offset the impact of the plant’s construction, ODEC and Dominion Energy, worked together to create 36 acres of forested and wetland habitat, convert 16 acres of previous farmland into a wetlands mitigation bank, establish 160-acres of waterfowl habitat and donate 82.5 acres to the Staunton River Battlefield State Park.

Learn how ODEC minimizes its environmental impact.

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