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D. Richard Beam

Large portrait of D. Richard Beam Portrait of D. Richard Beam

Senior Vice President of Power Supply & Chief Operating Officer,

He began developing forecasts of power requirements needs for each of the ODEC members cooperatives as well as ODEC itself in 1987 before working in other areas such as power supply planning and contracting, project management, power cost budgeting, rates and regulatory affairs, and power markets. Rick’s current focus is on meeting the power supply needs, both short and long term, for ODEC and its members as well as transmission planning for ODEC’s ownership in transmission facilities and NERC compliance.

Previously, Rick spent six years at the Rural Electrification Administration in Washington, D.C. where he worked with many of the Generation and Transmission Cooperatives across the United States to develop their power requirements in support of their loan applications.

Rick holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from West Virginia University.

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