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Future Generation

Wildcat Point Generation Facility

To provide clean, reliable power at the lowest possible cost, ODEC is building Wildcat Point, a natural gas power plant in Cecil County, Maryland.

Wildcat Point will be one of the cleanest natural gas facilities of its size in Maryland, generating approximately 1,000 megawatts, which is enough to power 390,000 homes in the region annually.

Artist Rendering of Proposed Wildcat Point Generation Facility

Wildcat Point will be located on the southbound side of Rt. 222 (Rock Springs Road) approximately 5.5 miles from the Town of Rising Sun, Maryland and 19 miles from Elkton, Maryland.

Map showing location of proposed facility and town of Rising Sun

Wildcat Point is adjacent to the Rock Springs Generation Facility, which produces 672 megawatts of electricity for ODEC members every year.

Why is it necessary?

There are two trends in the energy market that make Wildcat Point a necessity.  First, energy consumption is rising in areas served by ODEC.  Second, our region will lose an estimated 16,000 megawatts of power over the next eight years as older power plants approach retirement.  To help “keep the lights on” for our members and to improve reliability on the region’s electric grid, we need to build new power generation facilities.

Why build in Cecil County?

ODEC has been proud to operate in Cecil County since 2003 when we opened the Rock Springs plant.  During that time, we have developed deep ties with the community and consider Cecil County an outstanding place to work.  Our philanthropic partners range from Conowingo Elementary School, where we help pay for school supplies, to the Boys & Girls Club of Cecil County.  We look forward to giving back to the community for many years to come.

Is there any independent review of this project?

Yes.  Wildcat Point is subject to several local, state, and federal permitting reviews.  For instance, the facility is designed to comply with Cecil County’s transportation and noise requirements as well as rigorous air quality standards set by the State of Maryland.  We take these reviews very seriously and are fully committed to meeting all applicable requirements.

When will it be approved?

We received our Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity (CPCN) from the Maryland Public Service Commission on April 8, 2014.  A CPCN is essentially a package of permits authorizing construction.  White Oak Power Constructors was awarded the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract to build the facility in June of 2014. A groundbreaking was held in October 2014, with construction beginning that same month and the plant expected to become fully operational in the Spring of 2017.

 How does Wildcat Point benefit Cecil County?

There are many benefits for the county.  First, it’s an economic engine.  Construction of the plant will create a peak force of 600 construction jobs and operation of the plant will create roughly 30 full time jobs. Economists predict it will create a $33.5 million annual economic impact in the county.  Second, ODEC has signed a revenue agreement that will dedicate $124.2 million to county coffers over 30 years.  Lastly, this new source of cleaner, cost-effective power will improve reliability on the region’s electricity grid, benefitting all electricity users whether they are ODEC members or not.

How does it benefit local small businesses?

ODEC has made a special commitment to hire Cecil County workers and small businesses when feasible. We are working closely with Cecil County government leaders to ensure that qualified local companies have every opportunity to apply for and earn work on this project.

How can residents learn more about the project?

Just visit for more information .