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Current Power Stations


Clover Power Station

Located in Halifax County, Virginia, Clover Power station serves more than 550,000 homes, farms and business customers in rural and suburban communities.

When first constructed in 1995 through a partnership between ODEC and Dominion Energy, Clover Power Station established a commitment to environmental protection.

One-third of the 866-megawatt station’s $1.2 billion cost was dedicated to state-of-the-art pollution control technology, giving it the ability to remove 95% of all sulfur dioxide emissions.

By producing energy from coal in a clean and economical way—and by replacing power from older coal-fired stations—Clover is a vital part of meeting Virginia’s present and future electricity needs.

Natural Gas

Louisa Power Station

In 2003, ODEC built, and became the sole owner of, this 504-megawatt natural gas peaking facility in Gordonsville, Virginia. Natural gas is the primary fuel; however, the facility operates on low-sulfur fuel oil when supplies of natural gas are restrained or otherwise unavailable.

Gas-fired, combustion-turbine stations continually prove their worth on the hottest and coldest days of the year. They produce power quickly and with low emissions, which make them ideal power generation sources during periods of peak energy demand.

Marsh Run Power Station

Marsh Run Power Station is a 504-megawatt natural gas peaking facility with low CO2 emissions built in 2004 by ODEC, which is its sole owner. The location of Fauquier County for Marsh Run Power Station was chosen for its proximity to major natural gas and electrical transmission corridors.

Gas-fired combustion turbines, such as those at Marsh Run, are ideal because they are able to produce electricity quickly to meet peak-power requirements with low emissions when the demand for electricity is the greatest.

A unique aspect of Marsh Run is its use of water. Instead of tapping the local groundwater supply to increase the efficiency of turbine output, the station uses reclaimed water discharged by the Fauquier County Water and Sanitation Authority. Therefore, it safeguards the water quality of the nearby Rappahannock River and groundwater resources in the county.

Rock Springs Generation Facility

Located in Cecil County, Maryland, this natural gas peaking facility began commercial operation in 2003 and has a total plant output of 672 megawatts. ODEC and Essential Power Rock Springs, L.L.C. each own two combustion-turbine units, with the balance of the facility jointly owned by both companies.


North Anna Power Station

In 1983, ODEC purchased an 11.6-percent undivided interest in this 1,863-megawatt baseload power plant, located in Louisa County, Virginia, from Dominion Energy.

The station’s two generating units have a combined capacity of 1,863 megawatts, enough electricity to power 450,000 homes.

The North Anna Power Station is among the lowest-cost nuclear generating stations in the nation and ranks in the top quartile of nuclear stations nationwide that produce the lowest-cost electricity.


ODEC owns and operates twenty small diesel generators located at six sites in the Virginia counties of Accomack, Amelia, Highland and Southampton.  Each location has a capacity of between four and six megawatts per site.  The generators, which run on ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel oil stored on site, are brought online to support system reliability in the event of system transmission problems.